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Tech Park Tenants

WestGate@Crane Technology Park is home to more than 60+ companies, creating a unique community that is rooted in the defense industry and continually growing and diversifying.

With a range of small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, each of the tech park tenants is contributing to the strength and vitality of the regional ecosystem. These companies are not merely residents of South Central Indiana; they are citizens. That citizenship means they are supporting the health and vitality of the region’s cities and towns as they engage with the local, top-tier workforce and provide a wide range of technical capabilities and services to NSWC Crane and a host of other customers and partners.

Explore what it means to be a citizen-tenant at the WestGate@Crane Tech Park by learning more about the leadership and capacity of these individual companies.


Looking to expand your company's presence in the tech park?

Contact Bryant Niehoff at

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